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Poly-B (polybutylene) is a flexible plastic plumbing piping that was commonly used in homes built between 1978 and 1995. If your home was built during this time frame, your main water line is most likely Poly-B. Prior to 1978, copper was typically used. Poly-B was popular for builders as it was much cheaper than copper piping. Poly-B piping was discontinued several years ago because over time the pipes began to burst and leak. As homes begin to age, more problems arise with this type of piping, causing devastating effects for the homeowner.



Your water line replacement will be done on YOUR schedule. Most jobs only require a few hours of water service disruption. If you wait for your water line to break before replacing, you could be DAYS without water.

When a water line breaks, the flow of water will typically undermine the base material under your home, driveway or other hard surfaces. When this happens, the ground could take years to settle and compact again. During settling and compaction, concrete surfaces and drywall could crack. By being proactive, you are saving your home from damage!

Most insurance companies will require YOU to pay for repairing a broken water line BEFORE the damages caused by it can be repaired. You may also be required to leave your home until repairs are completed.

It is easier and faster to replace a water line BEFORE it breaks. A cable must be inserted into a water line in order to pull a new line through. If the water line has already broken, this cable can get snagged at the breaking point and take time to get past it. No break, no snag.

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